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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ― Mahatma Gandhi

I hope that you enjoy these images from my recent trip to Zimbabwe. They were made on a water safari on Lake Kariba and then we went on a land safari in Hwange National Park. I have mad respect for wildlife photographers! Without further adieu....


To see far is one thing: going there is another. - Constantin Brancusi

I suck at vacations, I just do, I've tried. Plop me at a resort, I'm going to feel caged and will break free to find life on the other side of the fence. I'm a traveler at heart. I like the unknown, the unexpected, to be out of my comfort zone and meet people that are different. I love different cultures, nothing is better than getting lost. And finding something new.

I made the following images within a remote fishing village on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. It took about 20 hours to get from DC to Cape Town-> flew 3 more hours to Victoria Falls-> transferred into 2 small #bushplanes for about an hour and landed on dirt runways. Before the planes touched down we circled to scare away the impalas & other animals off the runway. Once we landed, half of us got into a boat for a rough & wet 30 min. ride to our island camp and the other half drove 50 min. overland through the bush and then took...


Photos out of a few of my hotel (and overnight plane) window's. The challenge, one shot, one image only...but you knew that;)

 John McEnroe.jpg

Portraits of John McEnroe & Mark Philippoussis. I got to hit with these two legends before I made these images, how cool is that?! #youcannotbeserious Retouching by @dannyhommes

Immigrant from Iraq

The Fall 2018 Workbook is out! I. Am. Somebody. ???? This image is from a series of portraits that I've been working on for over a year. It's a personal project focusing on immigrants from the 7 countries on the 2017 travel ban list. My goal is to put a face to the countries. Before we go there, this isn't about politics. It's about people. Humanity. Cultures. Sacrifice. Everyone that has been in front of my glass have been awesome, hospitable, insist on feeding me the most delicious food from their homeland, they want to talk, ask me about me and love this country. I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, however, its been a really cool & grounding experience. Currently, the project is still in the works. Sometimes the hardest part is when to say when, we're getting there though. The gentleman featured in this image was a commercial pilot in Iraq.

@dannyhommes on the retouching + production @kathyreps + @gorblatt @novacolor.stl...

Portrait of a Woman From Columbia

Portraits of Immigrants for around the world at Festival of Nations


I had a shoot in Kenya recently and one of the locations was at a rural secondary school near the equator. Some of the kids were studying for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam. It's an intense examination. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students take the exam after four years of the Secondary School Course and this examination is a major determinant of the individual's future career. A good grade guarantees the student a place in one of the public or private universities in Kenya. Students who attain a LOWER mark than C+ join other tertiary institutions for non-degree courses. It's a make or break exam. I made a series of portraits and asked them all to write about their feelings in the midst of this pivotal time. Great kids!

Woman Running the NYC Half Marathon

This was a new course for the NYC Half. I was assigned Chinatown. Although it's a great location to shoot, I was chasing light all morning. It was bright & sunny, clean cold air which made things pretty contrasty. Where the sun didn't shine, the shadows were deep & dark. I was looking for slivers of streaking light that crossed the street or even light that bounced around from building to building to the street/runners. To play that game you have mere minutes to make an image. And then find the next lit area.

Want to run a marathon? Here's a great guide by Jacky Anderson on marathon training that's packed with practical tips & advice and this, it's FREE! To view it, click--> here

Red Rose

The red rose symbolizes courage, respect & prosperity. In the Tarot the rose is considered a symbol of balance and expresses new beginnings, promise & hope and its thorns stand for protection, loss, thoughtlessness, physicality. During the renaissance a rose with 8 petals was a message of rebirth & renewal. In alchemical texts a rose with 7 petals was a symbol of inclusion, universal understanding and order. There are150 species of roses and thousands of hybrids in a variety of shapes & colors. Rose petals can be eaten, such as in salads or desserts. I made this image last November while in France shooting a story on absinthe. I found the right rose, light & angle and laid my arse down on the wet grass just waiting for the wind to settle. I noticed at least 3 tourists taking my picture whilst I was horizontal. I struck a pose. Ah the elegance of what I do;) This was my last full day in Paris in which I hoofed 17.21 miles. How can I not mention that feat:) Last...

A High Water Pour Over Absinthe

The history of absinthe is a long & mysterious one. Hallucinations, craziness, murders, diabolical shit, it was outlawed in the US, as well as in France & Switzerland until the 2000's. The first drink was made for medicinal purposes. In the late 1800's Parisian artists, poets, writers and others with little or no money, loved it! It was cheaper than wine. High society folk loathed it. Absinthe is shrouded in legend, urban myth, foggy details, green fairies, rituals, etcetera. Who wouldn't want to dive deeper into this, right? Well, as it turns out, most people wouldn't.

I have a passion for passion projects; self-assigned shoots on subjects that get me hot & bothered and this was the perfect subject matter ... travel, mystery, food, drink & multiple hurdles. It was also risky, both in terms of time commitments & ROI.

When I started my research I was amazed at how few decent and compelling images & video exist of absinthe plants, distilleries,...


Nothing has changed: as in the past, I allow myself one photo out of my window from every hotel that I stay in. Here's the partial list from 2017 -> insert drum roll here.


...they're the best! This is my second year shooting this piece for my good friend Steve Hartman & his On The Road segment (every Friday on CBS Evening News, The Sunday Morning Show & all over the internets, watch it!) Steve is one of the best story tellers & editors in the universe(s), he's amazing...but I'd never tell him that!:) He's a genius at tugging on heart strings.

Along with his cameraman, Bob Caccamise who's the best in the biz, I mean look at his form a few pics down it's impeccable, it's a 10 lol and über producer Katie Brennan, they bring us stories that I think most Americans want to see.

Then there's Secret Santa's, he's the reason that we were in TX. His generosity and devotion is unmatched, he's an incredible human. When he, the law enforcement that he enlists or his elves hand out money, well, it's pretty special, hopefully my images catch some of those special moments & micro expressions.

These shoots are different from my...


Happy Hollidays! I've been sitting on this image for 9 whole months LOL...If this doesn't put you in the holiday spirit, well then you're screwed;) This is the masterful blues musician Pat Thomas, one of my all time favorites in the delta. When I made this image of him it was mid March. I'm an advertising photographer and was on a project nearby so I decided to pop in at his apartment in Leland unannounced. it was about 10:30a and when the door swung open, this was his look~ the hat, the shirt, the #bud & smoking a #marb red, he was all color coordinated & in the holiday spirit;) He's such a character and a good man & a dream subject for a lifestyle photographer / on location photographer, especially while on my own i.e. no hair & makeup, assistant etc.!

United Way Print Ad, Heroin

Always an honor to shoot for the United Way especially as a commercial photographer in St. Louis, my hometown. We had a great production and video from #OnceFilms & great client, thanks Mark! On the first shoot day it rained like crazy, which allowed me to put my Canon bodies (Mark 3's) to the test, the seals sealed:) As an on location commercial photographer I never leave without having 3-4 cameras & a bag full of glass. Rent them if you have to, cover your butt out there folks, you never know!


Portraits of diversity is my global study of the beauty of differences. In all of us. Portraits of folks from Chile, W. Africa, Polynesia, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, India, Columbia, Japan, Greece, Ireland and other countries. As a commercial photographer St. Louis & New York City and a travelholic...I'm a lifestyle photographer junkie. All lifestyles: )


Photos of the solar eclipse 2017 in the totality zone of Pacific, MO.

I have to confess that I didn't think much about shooting the actual eclipse yesterday. However, I was very interested in people watching the eclipse. To me that's where the action was, I'm a lifestyle photographer, what can I say?:)

At the last minute, however, I decided to dig out an out dated original EOS 5D that I was willing to sacrifice. I tapped an old 70-20 2.8 lens and twisted on a polarizer, stacked on a UV and then taped an ND & a burnt orange gel on top of the lens. I caked on everything except a solar filter!

Who knew how many images I could make before the old EOS melted down? Maybe 1, maybe more? It turns out I made a ton of images and the body seems to be working just fine...whilst sitting in the closet waiting for the next sacrificial project.

To me one of the most miraculous elements from the eclipse was the quality of light. Slowly and fleeting. The...


I like the window seat. Even after all of the miles that I have flown, I gaze, I find inspiration, relaxation, meditation, energy, solitude...I'm tucked in a corner and I'm curious of my surroundings, even 1000's of feet high. I'm an on location commercial photographer, advertising photographer to be more precise, and I get around.

I try to be one of the first on board (thanks to frequent flying/airline program privileges) because finding my equipment space in the overhead bins is paramount

Ever since I started posting my #seat22a series on IG, I've been asked why 22a? I started grabbing it for basically 2 reasons~ coming in & out of LGA all of the time the city is usually on the left side & that's the money view. 2) There are usually fewer people at the back of the bus and while no doubt I would like to be one of the first off, in reality, all I would be doing is waiting in baggage claim anyway.


Excited to announce that "my" USPS Forever stamp was officially introduced last Fri. 3/31/2017 at the Bicentennial celebration for Mississippi. #MS200 #visitMS #USPS Check out the short vid....


  • Client: St. Anthony's Medical Center
  • Project: Ad Campaign

A stills/motion piggyback shoot for St. Anthony's Medical Center, we were hired to help make their vision come to life. Shooting at 6 locations over 2 days, it was a fast-paced shoot indeed. But, great chemistry on-set and a finely tuned production crew were key in making this shoot as smooth as possible!

As a certain kind of lifestyle photographer I chose to shoot this in a style tailored for an authentic look & feel, to help define the St. Anthony's brand and have consistency with the motion. The still images are currently being used in various media, i.e. billboards, ads, web/social.

One of the challenges that I faced during the tech scout was shooting in a ice hockey rink after coming in from a warm & humid day & having the glass fog up. We only had the ice for a specific amount of time, therefore the gear had to be acclimated and ready to go. So we...

Sheraton Airport #532 Tampa

You know the drill, every hotel that I stay in I take one photo out of the window. That's the challenge....the things I do for fun! So as not to overwhelm, here's but a few from 2016.


Happy Holidays from Lou!


We laughed we cried the cockles of our hearts were warmed like never before! Secret Santa enlists law enforcement to hand 100's to those who appear to need it the most.

As an advertising photographer, I don't get to shoot that much editorial these days, but I had the good fortune to photograph Secret Santa for my good friend Steve Hartman & CBS. Steve has a great segment on Friday evenings on CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley called On The Road with Steve Hartman. He tells GREAT stories and is an incredible editor. Hope you enjoy the photos...and this holiday season! #secretsanta


I'm pretty stoked about this, the US Postal Service just announced a stamp with one of my photos. It's not a 1, 3 or even 20 Cent stamp, it's a Forever one, First Class stamp, baby! It honors Mississippi’s designation as the birthplace of the blues & the photo is of the great Jimmy "Duck" Holmes. They go on sale early 2017.

This image was born out of one of my passion projects, my Mississippi Blues series. As an on location commercial photographer, this was such an honor, I sure didn't see this coming! #honored #visitMS #Jimmyduckholmes #USPS#bluefrontcafe #foreverstamp...


It was an honor and always inspiring to shoot for the United Way. We had a great production team from #rukus. I shot stills of 3 VERY inspirational people and their families. To see more of their stories & photos, each are linked below.


Well this is looong overdue, high time to give a little love'n to my new director's reel. Huge thanks to rukus post, Director of Photography Jon Michael Ryan, Jeff Brierly, my über agents Kathy McGuire-Mullins & K2 Creative. #letsmakemotion


People, places & things...nola rich vibe~ola! Some bts from New Orleans. I've been wanting to share these pics since way-back-when in April. I thought that some of the peripheral content derived from the project was pretty interesting. There's a quality of natural day light in The Big Easy that is so beautiful....earthy, rich & warm and makes shooting there so special. We encountered multi-faceted greatness, thanks to all involved! Commercial photographer St. Louis.


In case you're curious, here are the top 5 places in the U.S where you're most likely to be murdered, mostly by firearms...but that's another topic.

Within the last year, as a advertising photographer / on location commercial photographer, I have visited for one reason or another 4 out of the top 5 counties, parishes or geographic regions on the murder list. They are wonderful places, seriously, but like most big, medium & small cities, rural areas and well just about everywhere else on earth, they have their dark side. I'm not sure what my point is other than that people smile & love everywhere and these places are great, especially compared to the headlines that lead us to believe otherwise. Here are a few images from those scary places and I can't wait to get back to each & everyone of them.


#‎Art is in the eye of its beholder.


.....I get that question a lot. So folks, here you go, I've exploded 3 of my bags below for your eyes only. These are the bags that I carry everywhere whilst on a project, whether I'm shooting stills or directing motion....yes, I still lug around the stills gear for directing, it can be beneficial. This is true whether I'm wearing my advertising photographer or industrial photographer hat etc. One way or another as a on location photographer, this is my core kit. From here, I build it out via my own equipment or rentals.

All 3 bags below are pretty straightforward, at least in my humble opinion. It's all about backups; camera bodies & hard drives are key and are the foundation of these innards. When I hit a location, depending on the project we'll have a digital tech on set and will use their computer for workflow, and mine will play backup & we'll have other bodies & glass on hand as well. It's all about redundancy.

My hard shell cases, Pelicans & Zero...

IMG_3771-1024x1024.jpg I loved and hated you, but you were the only game in town.

While I'm not pulling ALL of my film from my freezer, I'm pulling most of it. You see, I haven't shot a roll in 10+ years. What I have left is #stalefilm & waaaay past the expiration date. Us on location commercial photographer used an ancient acronymic language when chatting about film not that long ago, such as PKL, PKR, TMAX, EPL, RVP, NPZ, TRIX, C41, E6 etc.

I showed this colorful film pile to my Daughter, Rose (7 yr) and naturally she had noooooooo idea what this was, but loved all of those pretty film canisters & all of those colors! When I told her that this is what we used, as an advertising photographer and industrial photographer, she looked confused lol.

The tethered studio folks embraced digital earlier than us lifestyle photographer did, especially commercial photographer St. Louis. I'm just glad that I don't have to lug around those cans any more & deal with TSA, flying...

LC Ulmer

I am thrilled, humbled & honored to share the news that the new The National Blues Museum in St. Louis MO, has recently acquired the 3 images below for their permanent collection. All three will be printed at 5 feet across. The Museum is scheduled to open April 2nd, 2016.

My full time gig is a on location commercial photographer / advertising photographer, so for 3 photos, derived from a passion project on the Mississippi Blues to be acquired by the National Blues Museum is amazing.

816 Hotel # 325 Kansas City May

My much anticipated (lol) annual pictures-out-my-hotel-windows are up! As an on location photographer I travel quite a bit and I've been making images out of my hotel windows for many many years. The following is a partial list from 2015. One rule, it's simple: I have one push of the button to make something out of sometimes nothing, that's the fun part! One thing that I've noticed is that the quality of the hotels dipped a bit this year....hmmm, I must work on that in 2016, heck I'm an advertising photographer!;)

And without further adieu, here's what I made.


I'm honored to have 10 images, that I've made over the years of the NYC Marathon, on display at The Museum of the City of New York. The exhibition is titled The New York City Marathon: The Great Race. I've been shooting the marathon for about 9 years & counting and was at it again last Sunday. If you have a chance to check out the exhibition it's pretty cool, as is the museum in general, it's a great place! The exhibition will be on display from OCT. 20, 2015 – MARCH 8, 2016. Here's a few iPhone snaps.


K2 – The Blog

Lou Bopp at the The City of New York Museum

Lou has been photographing the NYC Marathon for 9 years now and is part of the newest exhibition at The Museum Of The City Of New York. The MCNY’s exhibit: The New York City Marathon – The Great Race will be up until March 8, 2016. The exhibition features more than 100 images that capture the energy, emotion and spirit of New York City on “marathon Sunday.”

Check out a few images from this past Sunday that Lou captured and if you have time stop on by the exhibition at MCNY. Here is what Lou had to say about photographing the NYC Marathon.

What keeps you coming back to shoot the marathon every year?

To me, the marathon represents the commencement of the holiday season, which usually...


I just saw a post on the Antonov, the worlds largest production plane and the heavy weight champion of the skies, over on FB yesterday and posted a portion of the following and thought I’d do the same here with a little bit more of a personal touch.

I rode in an #Antonov for about 18 hours from #Rome to #Kabul in 2002. As we landed at the gas station in #Turkmenistan, to either jettison or to buy more fuel, ugh I wish I recalled the reason for this stopover, it was a good one. Anyway, I noticed that it was being flown by 6 very young Russian dudes, we’re talking acne & all, jus kids. The plane had no windows and the payload, other than a group of 6 of us was Italian military vehicles & arsenal. We sat on airplane seats that were NOT bolted to the floor. But we had to wear seatbelts haha. Fun! And we were surrounded by #Playboy centerfolds taped to the walls i.e. inflight entertainment.

- See more at:...


He’s one of my hero’s, Amory B. Lovins, chief scientist and cofounder of The Rocky Mountain Institute in Snowmass, CO. He’s a world leader in energy efficiency. His home in Snowmass, CO is passive which means he uses no heat or AC, all solar, AND he gets a check every month from the utility company because he makes more power than he uses. He’s been living this way since the early 80’s.

For vastly different reasons, living this lifestyle is good for both sides of the aisle, it’s a win win, whether you believe in climate change or not. I made these images for a Jamie Redford & HBO production called Happening last month


On location, on one of my favorite stretches of asphalt, southwest Utah, Route 12. #FedEx #keeptruckn


I’ve got a beach love’n girl who’s got a thing for horses & hanging out with her Cali family. Thankfully, I was able to squeeze in a quick LA vacation with the girls earlier this month in between projects. Although short, LA was quite a mix of activities…and a blur. As a location photographer, I'm always shooting, even on vaca and esp in LA!

After LA, I had an extra day and instead of flying, I called a last second audible, yes me lol, and decided to drive solo through the desert & Rt. 12 in Utah (one of my fave roads on earth) to Snowmass, CO where I met up with filmmaker Jamie Redford to work on a very cool HBO doc called Happening, which is his personal look at the dawn of the clean energy era. I’ll feature those images here real soon as time & the NDA permits.


Lou Bopp heads to Jamaica

Lou Bopp recently started working with a new client documenting Rohan Marley’s (yes, as in Bob Marley’s son) coffee plantation in Jamaica. I love coffee and had no idea what kind of hard work went into the process. Lou’s images are stunning and the passion they have for coffee is truly inspiring, and it’s great coffee!.

Lou’s thoughts….

What was the inspiration while shooting this project?

My curiosity. It tends to always lead the way. Sometimes it’s nothing but trouble, but I trust it lol! This project was...


I was in Jamaica shooting for Marley Coffee last month when I came across this man, Georgie. As in Georgie who’s featured in Bob Marley’s song, No Woman, No Cry. How cool is that!!? Evidently, prior to Bob’s death in 1981, he promised Georgie that he would always have a home. So now Georgie lives on the grounds of the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston. It was an honor to meet and photograph Georgie! On location lifestyle photographer, it's a good gig.


Closing Reception:

Wednesday, May 27, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Lou Bopp’s journey deep into the south began on a motorcycle, traveling Highway 61, through the heart of Mississippi. His love of the Blues fueled his explorations, where he found not only the Delta Bluesman, but also a lasting affection for the culture enveloping the music and the people.

Bopp’s passion developed into a life-long love affair, which begged to be documented and memorialized. Bopp explains, “The people of Mississippi are so rich with life, their stories are embedded in their scents, hands, gazes; they are draped in history. My goal was, and still is, to document all that is Mississippi. The authenticity of Mississippi can stop you in your tracks, it’s an amazing place.” His connection to people, his keen sensitivity to color and composition has resulted in a body of work that is both art and document.

Bopp is a on location commercial photographer based in NYC and St. Louis.


Production moving right along….gearing up for the opening reception at the National Arts Club in NYC, featuring my Mississippi project. Opening night scheduled for May 27th. Stay tuned, details to follow.


…….and the America Advertising Awards (ADDY) season is upon us I am happy to announce that we won ourselves a few.

Mississippi Tourism campaign~ Gold at 2 levels, on to the next. See 2 samples below. Advertising photographer.


Group photo from yesterday’s United Way shoot, well fed client & crew = happy shoot.

Safety First Active Shooter

Heya folks, what would you do, if for example you were in a high rise & experienced an earthquake? I’ll bet that the west cost peopes would know, but the rest of the country? Kirsten Shawn, our host, asked the unsuspecting this question and many more and got some great & very diverse answers. These are not your typical safety video’s, we actually want people to watch & learn from them lol! Check’em out below.

For more background information checkout the blog by my awesome producers at Wonderful Machine:


It’s a girl! Meet Chelsea. She’s a Mastiff mix that we rescued in November about 3 hours out of St. Louis from a shelter in Dent County, MO, meth capital USA! She was an 80 lbs puppy and it was love at first sight! Welcome to the family Chels!



Old matchbooks & a trip down memory lane. An informal journal of the times, business cards that could make fire. Names & places that I haven’t heard of in years were excavated, a lot of these places are extinct, nary a mention of their existence on the internets. But their brand & memory live on with these matchbooks. Flipping through them I could almost smell the stale beer from Penrod’s, smoke from Club 1227, my Grandmother’s perfume on the Ladue Racquet Club matches. Many are from going to school in London and travels afterward. Pretty cool to find these relics.


Our Mississippi spot was awarded as one of the “Best Travel Ads of the Week: Destinations Tells Travelers to Let Loose.” So says Skift. Can’t argue with that, they’re travel professionals. To see the piece, click the pic. As an advertising photographer, this is what you like to see;)


Super cool to be featured in the Huffington Post Arts & Culture section, penned by Priscilla Frank. We added a few more pics for this one! Click on the photo’s or follow this link to view.


Thanks to the folks at Feature Shoot for doing a story on my Mississippi blues project, great piece written by Kayla Chobotiuk! Click on any of the 3 images below or this link to view the story.

Acme Hotel # 1007 Chicago.jpg

Every hotel that I stay in I make one photo out of my window. Just one. I try to make something, often times out of nothing, and I have one push of the button to do it #minichallenge. Some rooms I arrive late and leave before sunrise, I’m there for mere hours, in darkness. I note the hotel, location & room #. My original inspiration came from Conde Nasté Traveler magazine, on the last page they had a feature, maybe still do, called Pictures Out My Window. Here’s a smattering of last years room views.



Wearing his XMAS best, beard & all, the infamous William Seaberry happy holidays y’all!


Because of this picture I am a photographer. I made this about 25 years ago this week in Berlin, as a tourist & a professional student. I literally had one foot in West Berlin and one foot in East Berlin and shot 2 frames before East German guards & dogs pushed me back into the west. I liked the juxtaposition of the 2 countries in one image, it summed it up for me.

Once home, I licensed the usage and couldn’t believe my luck! It was from that point on that I wanted to become a photographer. Of course, a few close to me encouraged me to stay in school. But I abruptly dropped out of school. Me being me…..about a semester+ short of graduating. PSA~ not recommended kids.

While not the greatest image that I’ve ever made, as I write this I realize how this image represents a defining moment in my career, and my life.


We were tapped by Advertising Savants via Tangent Mind this summer to make these images and more for The Boy Scouts of America, specifically for these boards. #compositioncritical It was an awesome adventure fueled shoot….rocks, snakes, water, horses, heat, rockets, sweat are just a few words that pop in my mind as I write this….love working with this group, Client & crew! Downside is my beautiful legs will never be quite the same, scarred for life because of the dreadful Trombiculidae (/trɒmbɨ...


Always a blast to shoot one of the great sporting events, this is my 7th NYC Marathon and it never gets dull! While not traditionally a sports shooter, but I did intern at Sports Illustrated in another era, I love the action, emotion & vibe of it all. My area this year was b/t mile 8 & 9, near BAM, a pretty cool area in Brooklyn. According to my trusty Moves app, I clocked in about 12 walking miles, almost a half marathon making these pics. All photo’s below are in chronological order. All Photographs © 2014 Lou Bopp All Rights Reserved 212-665-6400.


This state never ceases to amaze me, love Mississippi! Last month we made 3 more Mississippi Tourism spots and shot stills. The Clients, DoP Jon Michael Ryan/Tangent Mind, Jim Smith our Producer & the crew in Mississippi all rock! The fruits of our labor will be forthcoming, but for now enjoy a few BTS stills. #workhardplayhard


Where have you been all my life?! I recently had a couple of down days there, such a cool place~ Geoduck, guitarporn, Gehry, Hendrix, SAM, flying fish, coffee, water, gum, Oysters, architecture, islands, ferries, music, sushi, great peopes…..just a few of the highlights. I shall return.


These portraits were made during & after the #Ferguson MO riots, as well as at Michael Brown’s funeral yesterday. I asked each subject to express themselves on paper, to write in their own words, in their handwriting. I thought that it would be an interesting way to see & hear people in a single portrait, in the moment, especially during this historical event.


I think I’ll lighten the mood with this post, compared to that last one. This is about Green Penguins. The #21cMuseumHotels are a great place, mini museums, I love what Curator Alice Stites has done with their collection.

I roll through a lot of hotels every year. Hotels, generally speaking, are pushing the boundaries which is nice to witness. When I can help it and the budget allows, I choose hotels relatively the same way that I choose restaurants. I prefer not staying at chains and I look for something unique & notable. Clients also appreciate that extra attention to detail as well.

It was awesome to see this art installation & these Green Penguins, created by #crackingart, placed throughout the 21C property in Bentonville, AR. They migrate all over the property, you never know where (or why:) they’ll appear; in elevators, hallways, roofs, rooms, lobby etc. And all for a great cause, well really 2...


These portraits were made during & after the #Ferguson MO riots, as well as at Michael Brown’s funeral yesterday. I asked each subject to express themselves on paper, to write in their own words, in their handwriting. I thought that it would be an interesting way to see & hear people in a single portrait, in the moment, especially during this historical event.


It was truly an honor to shoot the following ads for Mississippi Tourism. A state that I am not from but feel so much a part of. I am there so much these days, I am looking into an apartment, more on that to come. For now however, checkout a few of the print ads that we shot back in February, dig the design, copy, font, vibe etc.

I get amped collaborating with great creatives like Josh Schooler & Wes Williams and everyone else that was involved with this project from the Ramey Agency, along with the client & MS crew, it’s the best part of this profession!


Thanks #MSN for posting some of my Mississippi blues musician photo’s. To check out the gallery, click the pic~


Humbled to be receiving more good press within the industry in regards to my blues project. Both dropped within days of one another, click on the photos to view the whole story & view pics.


Well hello Maria Grammatico! She’s the subject of the book Bitter Almonds: Recollections and Recipes from a Sicilian Girlhood. I had the good fortune to shoot her at her bakery in the mountain town of Erice, Sicily a few days ago….and what’a a bakery it ’tis!


I shot this relic of a bike in Puy-l’Évêque, France about this time last year. That was also the trip that reconfirmed a few things in life: that my 5 yr. old daughter is a chip of the ole block and loves to travel, explore & is as curious as her Dadio! And it’s never too late to in life to meet new great friends and a great organic red wine like that of one of our new friends vineyard, can be consumed & enjoyed at any time on any given day! Santé!


The French entertainment web site Premiere recently did a nice write up on my blues project. I’ve always been amazed as to how many Europeans I see in Mississippi, they love the music & the southern culture! To see the full piece click the article below.


Click on the image below & take a journey to Wonderful Machine & read a blog by Liz Ream and get a little 411 on a recent project that we shot in MS, good stuff! Mississippi Magic!


Big thanks to everyone that came out to my opening in Chicago last Friday, the response was awesome & humbling, great to see old friends & meet new ones. Normally I don’t like crowds, but this was group was super fine!


Great article in PDN about yours truly, written by writer Dzana Tsomondo. Thanks PDN!

THIS MONTH: Lou Bopp’s portraits of blues musicians.


A personal project documenting blues musicians helped commercial photographer Lou Bopp land exhibitions and rediscover the passions that brought him to photography.


THE MAN SMILES broadly, revealing several missing teeth, as he holds his callused and bandaged hands up to the camera, palms out. They are the tools of a blues musician and, even without a guitar, they tell one hell of a story. “Portraits of the Blues” by Lou Bopp is a fascinating visual compendium depicting—through portraits, landscapes and details—a fading culture and the musicians who helped build it, with their hands and guitars.

Bopp is a commercial photographer whose client list is packed with heavyweights like Time Warner, Sports Illustrated and...



Chicago: August House Studio presents “The Mississippi Delta Blues Project.” Opening Friday, May 2, 6:00 – 9:00 PM and on exhibit through Saturday, May 24. The Mississippi Delta Blues Project is a photographic exhibition of the faces, places, talent and tragedy that define a unique American music genre – the blues. Artist Lou Bopp spent more than three years on the Delta Blues Trail capturing a generation of musicians who played a critical role in the development of the Blues and influenced performers worldwide. Portraits of musicians, some still performing, in juke joints and neighborhood saloons; the exhibition records the end of an era and pays tribute to the legends, locations and culture of the Mississippi Delta Blues.

Opening Reception, Friday, May 2, 6:00 – 9:00 PM.

Exhibit runs through May 24, 2014.

About the Artist:

Lou Bopp, a commercial photographer based in St. Louis & New York, began his career at Sports...

Mississippi Tourism "Music"

Here are the 4 spots for the the Mississippi Homecoming campaign, click on the images below to view them.

And by the way, the music spot was selected last week by travel expert Skift, as one of the top 5 best travel ads in the world, along with Denmark, Finland, LA and Hong Kong… great company!

Enjoy the 4 spots, and if anyone is interested in knowing where any of these locations are or don’t recognize the faces that appear in the ads, feel free to hit me up for some info. Music, art, food & culture junkies unite!

Client & Crew Photo

I’ve been shooting in Mississippi so often over the years that many are convinced that I have another family there….for the record, I don’t:)

Most recently I was brought on by The Ramey Agency to direct four 30 sec. broadcast spots and stills for the Mississippi Tourism Homecoming campaign. The 4 spots, Food with famed chef & author Robert St. John, Art with the internationally renown jazz singer Cassandra Wilson, Music with the great & forever young Bobby Rush and an Omnibus with country music star Marty Stuart, were shot at dozens of locations in about a week, all over the state. Definitely not for the faint of heart, pure hustle. Chemistry was key and we had it from the first call right on through post production.

Going into the campaign we knew that the shots had to be authentic because a place this cool doesn’t need a bunch of stock-like scenes that could have been made from Anywheresville. Mississippi has such a...


I shoot at least a couple of marathons every year, awesome events. Combine grit, determination, challenge, ego whatever and toss in thousands (20,000+ yesterday) of characters of which I’d say 99.8% of the them are NOT there to win the race because they have absolutely no chance of winning the race and they know it! I know quite a few people who ran this race and other races, heck they’re just happy to cross the finish line!

The difference between the pro runners & those that finish around sunset and everyone in between is fantastic! A maelstrom of humanity in motion. I can’t think of any other sport that has so many participants at one time, with such a variety of ages, ethnicities, body types etc. The common bond is running, at least on the surface. Through my viewfinder I can see the blank stares, or the excitement, the blood, sweat & tears and I can quickly assume that their presence has not a lot to do with running per se. Perhaps the running is an emotional...


RIP Pete Seeger. I had a pretty cool interaction with Pete Seeger in 2001. For about 5 years we owned & lived in a beautiful old brownstone in Harlem on 122nd b/t Douglas & Powell. It was an awesome street, beautiful homes & great neighbors, most of which I don’t see as much as I would like, but I still consider some to be life long close friends.

There was a community garden across the street from our house. But for years it was in the cross hairs for development. Neighbors constantly rallied and did everything possible to save that garden. It was beautiful, a little sliver a nature, over grown yet managed. You could walk through the chain link fence and everything changed, it was a special place, peaceful amidst the city.

I have had the good fortune to meet and shoot a lot of famous & notable people but what made this meeting with Pete so special was that it had nothing to do with work.

I take no credit for this, I give it All to those on 122nd...


For those who haven’t heard my voice in awhile, listen to me. Here’s an 8 min. podcast via KDHX 88.1 FM in Saint Louis about my Portraits of the Blues expo at the Sheldon Concert Hall and Art Galleries. Interviewed by Nancy Kranzberg, she’s awsome! The show is up until the 1st wk of Jan. it’s free to visit & some of the prints are for sale. Click the image to listen.

Digital Photography Review, 11/16/2013. To see the gallery, click on the photo.

Slate Magazine, 11/16/2013. To read the full interview, written by Jordan Tiecher and view more photo’s, please click on the photo.


Outtakes from the 2013 NYC Marathon……in chronological order. I was positioned on 1st Ave. from the 59th St. Bridge through the 60’s & with a 3 hr window to make these. Love this event! Just me & a few cameras and thousands and thousands of subjects! Nothing compared to the 26+ miles for these runners/riders but I logged in a healthy 8.2 miles shooting it!


Opening Night at the Sheldon Galleries from Lou Bopp on Vimeo.

To see the opening night of my exhibition Portraits of the Blues in just one of the rooms at the Sheldon Galleries in St. Louis, MO in about 17 seconds watch the video. Thanks to the 500+ that I hear stopped by, humbled!


Rented the Memphis Liberty Bowl Stadium last month & shot some pano’s & 360’s for a client. Then shot some 360° selfies……


If you are seeing this, you’re invited to my gallery opening at Sheldon Art Galleries.


Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King, JR. I was in Memphis recently shooting for Intel and of course had to stop by the The National Civil Rights Museum.


Right before I took this photo as we circled near London, Rose exclaimed, “London looks like one big doll house daddy!!


Folks, this is what you all have been waiting for, I know it! An article about my personal style & fashion. Yes, you read that right, me & fashion in the same sentence. Say whaaa!? It was an honor & a surprise to be featured by the revered Cator Sparks in the online fashion magazine, The Manual, this week. And for all of you all seeking fashion advice feel free to hit me up bahaha:)!


Thanks CNN for featuring some of my juke joint photos in the CNN Photos blog section, love the photo driven philosophy. Now you know where I’m spending my nights


Most of the time when I’m on a shoot in a new place and I find myself with bit of spare time, which is rare, what do I do? I shoot! Last month down south, had about 40 min. of down time and saw these southern gents at the Senatobia Fire Station so I popped in & said hello. Nice as could be, southern hospitably style…meeting people like this on a whim is the best, and it’s a great challenge to be on the clock, finding good light & making new friends look good & comfortable. Thanks Chief!


I snapped this image a couple of weeks ago, after waiting hours upon hours for that last flight home, we finally boarded the plane around midnight and end up sitting near a wasted dude who for some reason deemed it acceptable to pass out and kick his fetid feet up & violate the personal airspace of everyone nearby.

On an AirTran flight from ATL to STL. Fortunately, I was flying with the good natured Director of Photography and owner of Tangent Mind, Jon Michael Ryan, pictured below. Suffice it to say, this scene did not last very long.


When the video extraordinaries at Tangent Mind recently brought me on board to shoot stills for a Purina Cat Chow project, 50 Years. 50 Shelters. I jumped at the chance! The project primarily consisted of documenting the rehabbing of animal shelters around the country and shooting portraits of some of the cats in those shelters.

Love it when I get an assignment with so many different environments and unique subjects like these cool cats and as an added bonus it was for a great cause! Learn more at: 50 Years and 50 Shelters.


Long time no blog.…busy…..busy is good! In the last month or so I hit the button for KU, Purina, GE Transportation, the Brooklyn Half Marathon and a web series called Moonshine & Mojo Hands, the first-ever blues music reality show, and this is where we begin….

Now I’ve met a lot of trippers, the weird & the wonderful in my time, but that week in early May in Mississippi was loaded with them, thanks Roger & Jeff! Probably the most concentrated week of trippers ever! Here’s one of ’em, Paul McLeod, curator & owner of Graceland Too, which is in a nice neighborhood in quiet & quaint Holly Springs, MS. Words and I doubt photos will do it justice but in a nutshell Paul has got to be the worlds biggest Elvis fan and has dedicated his house, nay his life to the man. The “museum” is open 24/7, as long as you knock hard enough, especially in the morning, but he’ll open the door sooner or later if...


As some of you may recall I used to live and had my studio & office in a great old Harlem brownstone that we bought in the late 90’s. It was one of the richest experiences ever, and the life long friends that I made on just that one block on 122nd St. are amazing and endure.

This past Sunday, with Joanna & Rose we spent the day with my NYC family:) Verna is a super special woman from Guyana with an awesome family. Look up Grandmother in the dictionary and you ought’a see a photo of her….and she’s a grandmother to about 60+ kids, she has some experience!

On Sunday she had a few family members over, and I do mean a few, this doesn’t begin to capture her legacy! Each family member, from young to old, as nice as the next! Always a great time to hang at Verna’s house! That’s the quick back story to these photos, I hope that you like them!


Got the nod to shoot the NYC Half Marathon again, thankfully it was clear (but FREEZING!), had a great position & freedom to roam 7th Ave. b/t Cen. Pk. and 50th. As is typical, some of the most interesting shots are not of the subjects that I was there for, but on the periphery. Here’s a few of the outs.


Daughter like father LOL

MoMa Sculpture Garden.


Our newest promo card. Want? Just let us know….


Now that’s fresh! These days, per law (different states different laws) this is way too fresh to drink and is considered only legal to provide to your pet, unless it’s pasteurized.

Thanks to the great folks at Traders Point Creamery for making this photo illustration possible., I shot this in Jan. while shooting an image library them.

As a side note, I have had raw milk before and it’s awesome!

* This photo was shot for demonstration purposes only, the milk was not consumed or sold.


Congratulations & huge shout-outs to Pete Jacaty of Jacaty + Associates and Tim Ravenna of Ravenna Design and the rest of the team! 4 ADDY Awards at the Ft. Lauderdale ADDY’s on Friday night for the design of my Route 66 promotional book. Rock!

If anyone wants one, hit me up while I still have a few.


Sales Promotion, Catalog



Collateral Material, Brochure



Direct Marketing, Business to Business or Consumer



Advertising Industry Self Promotion, Collateral


PROJECT MANAGEMENT QUALITY CONTROL: Jacaty + Associates 954.557.2353

DESIGN/ART DIRECTION Ravenna Productions 954.923.6571

DIGITAL IMAGING Matt Stevens, Ohana Arts 954.445.4382



Great shoot in Zionsville, IN! Stellar people, great crew. Trader’s Point Creamery is a true American classic, family-owned organic, grass fed dairy farm, artisan cheese makers & general store, plus they have an outstanding restaurant on the farm called The Loft, it’s a destination kind of place!

Click here to learn more about Traders Point Creamery



Sub freezing weather, climbing sub stations, high volts, fire retardant garb, great crew & Client, danger, travel to obscure parts of the country…..this is my caffeine!


Tea at the Ritz with my Daughter and some of her lady friends. Fortunate that we can participate in the Friends of Kids with Cancer fund raiser event. All of the holiday party’s combined this season can’t touch a fund raiser for a great cause!


I’ve been to a lot of sleepy little downtowns. Cairo, Illinois is not one of them. It’s a down & outer, yet it has a lot of remarkable architectural features and an overall beautiful vibe locked in time and shrouded with overgrown weeds and plywood.

Cairo, IL has a rich history, to learn more checkout: Cairo, IL on Wikipedia

To view a bit of my (iPhone 4) perspective see below:


Ladies, I have no idea if you know this or not but hanging on the walls inside many of men’s lavatories in gnarly gas stations & convenience stores throughout America are ugly beat metal boxes with locks the size of fists. They sell items like Rugged ‘n’ Ready, Horney Goat Weed, Tingler Ring, Treasure Chest, Rough Riders, Evening Magic, Hugger and so many others that share romantic themes such as the aforementioned. They are condom dispensers.

I started shooting the condom dispenser around 2007. More than once I have forgotten to turn the iPhone to silent mode. Thankfully however, fellow occupants are usually in no position to give chase. One does not want to get caught taking photo’s in a public restroom! It is the arm pit of highway travel.

I’ve been serendipitously shooting condom machine’s exclusively with various iterations of the iPhone. Here are a few photo’s for your viewing pleasure.


I’m always shooting something, multiple projects in the hopper, ongoing, never ending, welcome to my life. Over the last 10 years or so I’ve been shooting a series on PB’s & their owners, never really unleashed any of the images until now…here are a few of them.

When I started making these images we owned a great old building on 122nd St. in Harlem, Pits were prevalent. Seemed like the younger the owner, the meaner the dog…..a status thing. Ever since then I’ve been shooting them wherever, whenever I can.…and it’s a great way of meeting peopes that I would typically never meet….ya it’s safe to say that I loathe the comfort zone.

While living uptown it wasn’t shocking to see an abandoned Pit leashed to a random fence, let loose in a derelict property or just simply released to the streets. Actually it was deflating, since I couldn’t walk away from a dog in nee and at the end of the day guess what? finders keepers, it sucked, & finding them homes was not easy....


What a week….NYC, St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Amsterdam, Geneva, Paris, back to Atlanta, Memphis, St. Louis and then to Dallas-> Home. The majority of that was spent touring with 3 of the most amazing living blues musicians of our time and featured artists in the film documentary We Juke Up In Here!; Louis “Gearshifter” Youngblood, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes & Terry “Harmonica” Bean, what a treat to document this historic trip!

Filmmakers Roger Stolle (CEO Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art), Jeff Konkel (CEO Broke & Hungry Records) & Damien Blaylock & myself also screened the documentary We Juke Up In here! at the Geneva Arts Festival. Along the way the blues trio brought a little Mississippi to Europe and played both separately & together, epic performances! Huge thanks to All that made this happen and especially to the folks at...


I love great design. And that is exactly what I got from Project Manager/Quality Controller Pete Jacaty (Jacaty & Associates), Design/Art Director Tim Ravenna (Ravenna Productions) in Miami. They created a promo book from my Route 66 project & hit it out’a the park!! Respect!

If you would like a copy, let us know!

Shoutouts in order to Ohana Arts- Digital imaging | Mac Paper, Mohawk- Text paper stock | Midland Paper- Cover stock | Docuvision- Printing | AMR Graphics- Finishing

It takes a community……


Nothing quite matches the buzz of a newly refreshed web site, never really EVER finished, but at least this phase is wrapped. Personally I think that the coolest part of this refresh are the scaling photos….if you like’em big, now you can scale them to the size of your screen. There’s also a lot of new photos lurking around within

We also have new blog & vid pages, new galleries & a few other odds & ends, including sites made specifically for your phones & pads. All good stuff we think. But let us know what you think, we have a good habit of listening:) User experience is key. Our goal is to create a simple, smooth & clean design.

I wish that I could share other cool happenings around here but Client NDA’s prevent us from discussing. That’s all cool, we’ll be able to push that info out eventually.

In other news, in addition to the other social buttons below, you can now follow me on your tele...

we juke up in here geneva2.jpg

This ought’a be good….traveling to Geneva, Switzerland on Aug. 19th to screen our documentary film We Juke Up In Here at the Geneva Art Festival. In addition to that, I’ll have some of my Mississippi Blues prints hanging in a gallery exhibition. But maybe the coolest part; traveling across the pond with bluesmen Terry ‘Harmonica’ Bean, Louis ‘Gearshifter’ Youngblood, Jimmy ‘Duck’ Holmes along w/ movie creators Roger Stolle, Jeff Konkel & Damien Blaylock! All courtesy of the Rootsway Roots & Blues Association.

To learn more, checkout:


So many hazards when crossing the street of Amsterdam, it’s an urban city full of silent, energy saving, exercise provoking, nonpolluting projectiles being operated by a seemingly happy and fit population. Ride.



Well that was a nourishing month, talk about being shrouded with good vibe, creativity & community……have to give a shout to a few of the peopes that we’ve crossed paths with lately.

In early June we celebrated with Andrew Millner, the highly acclaimed artist, his birthday dinner. Andrew is family and is one of the coolest dudes on earth, and a great, collected & renown artist. He has had a bunch of solo shows, in private & corp. collections etc. His latest work is titled ROSE IS A ROSE IS A ROSE, a must see, work is amazing! As I’ve told him, only a mad man can do what he does!


BA's Gateway to the world


April 13th, yes that’s a Fri. folks! Tempt superstition, come on down & check out the world premier of our new documentary movie We Juke Up In Here. FREE reception with apps & drinks, live blues, followed by a free screening of the film ... epic evening!

Super cool project……I was introduced to a world rarely seen. It was a sincere honor to be invited & allowed in to shoot these special places, of which only a few exist. Hope to see ya in C’dale!

Please visit the event page (link below/click on photos).


Huge shout out to all of the peeps who came out for the premier of our new documentary film We Juke Up In Here last Friday! Every seat filled, standing room only, humbled to see everyone…THANK YOU!!!


Happy to have the cover of one of Europe’s premier blues magazines, ABS Magazine out of France. Merci beaucoup!


I was thinking the other day; what’s the 1 piece of equipment that I’ve had AND used the longest? Hands down it’s my Zero Halliburton Case. Cameras? Please. Other cases? Swap them out too often. Len’s? Shattered. Strobes? Smoked! Even tripods have come & gone.

For the most part I use my Zero as my grip & personal case. I’ll have other cases when traveling on shoots, Pelicans, Storm, other Zero’s, with & without bells & whistles. But this one is the constant. It is strong, seemingly indestructible. It has no wheels, no frills, no slick inside compartments.

My Zero has a long history, even before the it was passed on to me by Burt Glinn, the famous Magnum photographer. He owned it until he gave it to me in the early 90’s. I was Burt’s assistant back then and I was thrilled to have this beauty, it had great karma! It was what photography was all about in those days. Rugged, well traveled, standing the test of time and tatted with great stickers from the...


Sign of a good hotel???


….love the Tate Britain.


Lighting an image with a free iPhone app called MyLite. It’s actually a pretty robust flashlight. Compare the center “R” on the top photo to the one on the bottom. On the bottom image, during a 15 sec. exposure, I “painted” / lit the center “R”. Lighting it makes all of the difference. Image made on a Canon 5D Mark II, 2.8 @ 15 secs.


Want some blues culture, then watch the amazing film documentary on Mississippi Delta Juke Joints called "We Juke Up In Here".


Have to see it in person, but here are a few pics of Maurizio Cattelan, ALL exhibition at the Guggenheim. Love it or hate, sure to generate a reaction. What’s yours?


IRS Examination:

The letter arrived white and nondescript except with the initials IRS, top leftt. I had been randomly chosen for a “2009 examination”, never saw the word audit I guess that’s so yesteryear. My initial reaction was fright, despair, head rushing blood, time loss & expense. That is what we are conditioned to expect. Fortunately that was not my reality; the Revenue Agent was professional, courteous & respectful, knew her stuff, asked all of the right questions. We were prepared, organized & accommodating.

After that first reaction upon reading the letter, nano seconds later, I came to my senses, and thought this will be a great test for our bookkeeping and accounting procedures, most importantly we have done nothing wrong nothing to conceal. I’ve told my accountant over the years that if anything is in question, which rarely is to error on the side of over paying. I’m happy to pay my share, I plan for it, I expect it, even enjoy it in a strange...


Nice to see my images in print, especially outdoor.


For the last few years I’ve shot the NYC Marathon, and every year I get assigned a new assignment. My Marathon shoots are often not about the elite runners or even winning & losing, it’s more about the human experience, emotion of the 47,000 participants, volunteers, behind the scenes etc.

This year I was assigned to a very cool location about 100 yards BEHIND the Finish Line; the Medal Station. After 26.2, the runners hit the finish line with a heart pumping leg burning body heaving punch of finality, and then they start the cool down, reality sets in, they walk to gather their medal…and themselves. Unless they can’t make it that far. I was there from 8am-8pm and shot everyone from the elite athletes, to the stragglers who finally crossed the blue line 12 hours later. The later it got, the more pride was felt.

- See more at:

One Minute of the Blue Front Cafe

1 Minute portrait of the infamous Blue front Cafe




Day 7: Literally blown out of Texas high winds white knuckle ride, and on to the famed pavement of……..

Day 6: Once a decade or so I think it’s good for the body & head to experience a real or perceived near death incident, keeps the blood flowing and the appreciation of life tends to get amped, it’s good for all of us in a strange way. It hasn’t happened to me in a while; in ’97 there was the volcano incident in Montserrat, ’02 had to do with Afghanistan & land mines, in between there were plane, helicopter & scuba diving issues that were notable but somehow didn’t tweak my fear as bad as the others. Today it happened again, as I got caught in the middle of a tornado. Or so I thought. I pulled up to a field to shoot a large brown cloud that looked ominous & full of threat and the next thing I know it was on top of me the sound deafening. The photojournalist in me kept shooting (see pics below) while the commercial photographer within lay balled up in the in...


Nothing like a good juke joint shoot on a warm Mississippi night in October. I’m not sure what the magic is, but I have rarely been to a juke, and I’ve been to many, where the vibe isn’t great. There’s always a celebration of living within those shake’n walls. Stock markets, wars, economies, death whatever, you enter a juke, get a beverage, check your worries at the door. One way or another either your body’s dancing or you’re head is. Or both.

Stay tuned for the DVD release We Juke Up In Here.


New Body of work just posted, Southern Man, a few samples here, to view more check out


An excerpt from Steve Jobs 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University:

“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “no” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

- See more at:


Feast on this, 5pointz in Queens…graffiti heaven, inspiring place. Been noticing it for years off of the LIE, and finally decided to investigate, and so glad I did! Also, MOMA PS1 is also right around the corner.Take the 7 to Court Sq., and follow the tracks across the street, very close from Grand Cen., about 10 min. They are talking about razing the ‘hood and putting up condo’s, see it while you can

UPDATE: 11/2013. And now it has all been whitewashed.


Shooting a documentary expose on Mississippi juke joints. Shooting vid & stills and working with the best; award winning film makers Jeff Konkel of Broke and Hungry Records and Roger Stolle of Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art. Slated for an April 2012 release. Viewers are taken below the surface of the quasi-legal world of real Delta jukes – while it’s still living and breathing.




Pete’s Tavern….oldest bar in NYC, open whilst lessor bars closed!

Oh and this is my first blog on the new site build, boom! I should probably drop a few key words like, on location commercial photographer, advertising photographer, location commercial photographer, industrial photographer and last but not least lifestyle photographer. Work your magic google!