Produce-In-Place Capabilities

During the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis, we are working to connect with creative buyers for clean and safe productions while stay-at-home restrictions are in place.

-Centrally located on a small, private and quiet lane St. Louis suburb, 15 minutes west of downtown and 12 minutes south of the airport.

-2,200 square ft., two story home featuring a lot green space in the front & back yards, woodsy vibe, huge trees on about one acre.

-Salt water pool.

-Interior and exterior.

-Front of the house faces east, great light on all sides.

-Motion and / or stills.

-Available for lifestyle, portraits, fitness, dog, industrial etc. productions.

-The private lane could also be available for productions.

-Two car garage, basement and other rooms for h/m, wardrobe, digi workstation, storage etc.

-Remote cameras available, for those off site.

-Additional scouting photos available upon request.

-A couple, 11 year old daughter, 80 lbs English mastiff mix, French Bulldog, in residence.

-As an added benefit, the private lane could also be utilized for a production. The house is near the end of a small & secluded circular dead end. It consists of 18 midwest, Americana style homes, mostly from the 1930's. The lane is lined with mostly old growth & some young growth trees and has very little vehicular traffic.

In addition, there are lot's of visually rich locations in St. Louis, such as parks, woods, trails, cobble stone streets, other houses, both interior and exterior etc. Options galore! Accessible even during this global health crisis. #STLmade

Lifestyle stills and motion production can be produced here that is consistent with the images that appear here at

Scouting photos available upon request.

Since the stay-at-home order, I have been taking portraits through the glass of people sheltering in home. I have made these images for a couple of clients and for my personal project, "Portraits of Mandated Isolation".

* Safety is key. We have been extremely responsible and respectful of the global COVID-19 crisis and social distancing. We follow all guidelines mandated by my state and city, and more. The areas would be cleaned and sanitized by a cleaning crew throughout the production.