Graceland Too

Long time no blog.…busy…..busy is good! In the last month or so I hit the button for KU, Purina, GE Transportation, the Brooklyn Half Marathon and a web series called Moonshine & Mojo Hands, the first-ever blues music reality show, and this is where we begin….

Now I’ve met a lot of trippers, the weird & the wonderful in my time, but that week in early May in Mississippi was loaded with them, thanks Roger & Jeff! Probably the most concentrated week of trippers ever! Here’s one of ’em, Paul McLeod, curator & owner of Graceland Too, which is in a nice neighborhood in quiet & quaint Holly Springs, MS. Words and I doubt photos will do it justice but in a nutshell Paul has got to be the worlds biggest Elvis fan and has dedicated his house, nay his life to the man. The “museum” is open 24/7, as long as you knock hard enough, especially in the morning, but he’ll open the door sooner or later if his red limo is parked in the driveway and it usually is. Once inside it’s a manic tinderbox with every nook, cranny, ceiling, shelf stuffed with memorabilia dedicated to the King. His house changes colors on a whim, he spray paints it of course! Elvis fan or not, you have to experience this place / man, it’s a bucket list kind of place, truly remarkable!

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