Food. Water. Shelter. Happiness.

To see far is one thing: going there is another. - Constantin Brancusi

I suck at vacations, I just do, I've tried. Plop me at a resort, I'm going to feel caged and will break free to find life on the other side of the fence. I'm a traveler at heart. I like the unknown, the unexpected, to be out of my comfort zone and meet people that are different. I love different cultures, nothing is better than getting lost. And finding something new.

I made the following images within a remote fishing village on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. It took about 20 hours to get from DC to Cape Town-> flew 3 more hours to Victoria Falls-> transferred into 2 small #bushplanes for about an hour and landed on dirt runways. Before the planes touched down we circled to scare away the impalas & other animals off the runway. Once we landed, half of us got into a boat for a rough & wet 30 min. ride to our island camp and the other half drove 50 min. overland through the bush and then took a 5 min. boat to camp.

-> The fishing village was about another 30 minutes by boat, which we did the next day. The journey is all part of the adventure. This village has a population of about 350 people, seemed like most were kiddos. The people were amazing, hospitable, walked us around and showed us their homes which consisted of well constructed mud huts. There was a recent haul of tilapia & the fierce tiger fish drying in the sun, chickens ran wild, there was a one room school, a single water source etc. etc. I noticed a few folks had a single solar panel strung out of their huts, directed toward the sun, that was if for electricity. The children and adults all wanted to have their pictures taken so that they could see themselves, very exciting for them! The people were salt of the earth, I can't wait until I can return. Hope that you enjoy this small edit.

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The basics. Food. Water. Shelter. Happiness.

Advertising photographer and lifestyle photographer on location photographer in Zimbabwe

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