St. Anthony's Medical Center

  • Client: St. Anthony's Medical Center
  • Project: Ad Campaign

A stills/motion piggyback shoot for St. Anthony's Medical Center, we were hired to help make their vision come to life. Shooting at 6 locations over 2 days, it was a fast-paced shoot indeed. But, great chemistry on-set and a finely tuned production crew were key in making this shoot as smooth as possible!

As a certain kind of lifestyle photographer I chose to shoot this in a style tailored for an authentic look & feel, to help define the St. Anthony's brand and have consistency with the motion. The still images are currently being used in various media, i.e. billboards, ads, web/social.

One of the challenges that I faced during the tech scout was shooting in a ice hockey rink after coming in from a warm & humid day & having the glass fog up. We only had the ice for a specific amount of time, therefore the gear had to be acclimated and ready to go. So we planned ahead, way ahead, and allowed the glass to de fog in time. That's why we have tech scouts, or else we could have lost a large chunk of time waiting for the fog to burn off. It's the little things.... the life of an on location commercial photographer ....

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