NYC Half

I shoot at least a couple of marathons every year, awesome events. Combine grit, determination, challenge, ego whatever and toss in thousands (20,000+ yesterday) of characters of which I’d say 99.8% of the them are NOT there to win the race because they have absolutely no chance of winning the race and they know it! I know quite a few people who ran this race and other races, heck they’re just happy to cross the finish line!

The difference between the pro runners & those that finish around sunset and everyone in between is fantastic! A maelstrom of humanity in motion. I can’t think of any other sport that has so many participants at one time, with such a variety of ages, ethnicities, body types etc. The common bond is running, at least on the surface. Through my viewfinder I can see the blank stares, or the excitement, the blood, sweat & tears and I can quickly assume that their presence has not a lot to do with running per se. Perhaps the running is an emotional mechanism as they run from their past, or toward their future. Maybe it’s a bucket list item. Physical challenge. Only they know. It’s beautiful, it’s real, it’s passion and nobody is taking a thing for granted.

My goal is to keep the images fresh, different from my previous marathons, that’s a great challenge that I embrace. On my tech scouts and during the the race I’m always looking for something unique, even off the course, crowd shots, I chase light, I work angles, I use different equipment, different locations, I will walk 5 miles within a 4 block stretch, climb light poles, jump fences, lay on the ground. I will see my subjects ever so briefly, seconds later they are gone, but hundreds more are coming, non stop. It sharpens the mind, percolates the creative juices, it’s why I do what I do. I’ve posted a few of the outs below. My position was Times Square on the 7th Ave. b/t 43rd & 46th. Enjoy.

  • nychalf14_LB_1134.jpg
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