Safety First Active Shooter

Safety First……

Heya folks, what would you do, if for example you were in a high rise & experienced an earthquake? I’ll bet that the west cost peopes would know, but the rest of the country? Kirsten Shawn, our host, asked the unsuspecting this question and many more and got some great & very diverse answers. These are not your typical safety video’s, we actually want people to watch & learn from them lol! Check’em out below.

For more background information checkout the blog by my awesome producers at Wonderful Machine:

  • Brandywine Reality Trust Tenant Safety Series
  • Client: Brandywine Realty Trust
  • Hosts: Kirsten Shawn, William Criticos & John Clyde
  • Director: Lou Bopp
  • Director of Photography: John Michael Ryan
  • Production: Wonderful Machine
  • Post Production: Jeff Brierly, Verb Editorial
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