Murder Capitals

In case you're curious, here are the top 5 places in the U.S where you're most likely to be murdered, mostly by firearms...but that's another topic.

Within the last year, as a advertising photographer / on location commercial photographer, I have visited for one reason or another 4 out of the top 5 counties, parishes or geographic regions on the murder list. They are wonderful places, seriously, but like most big, medium & small cities, rural areas and well just about everywhere else on earth, they have their dark side. I'm not sure what my point is other than that people smile & love everywhere and these places are great, especially compared to the headlines that lead us to believe otherwise. Here are a few images from those scary places and I can't wait to get back to each & everyone of them.

#1 Saint Louis, MO, yay my hometown!

  • 6J0A4287-copy.jpg
  • J0A0104.jpg
  • IMG_7286ps-copy.jpg
  • 6J0A1388-copy.jpg
  • 6J0A6272.jpg

#2 Orleans Parish, LA

  • 6J0A5732.jpg
  • J0A0922.jpg
  • J0A1181.jpg
  • J0A2923.jpg
  • 6J0A7535.jpg
  • J0A4791.jpg

#3 Baltimore, MD

  • 6J0A3229.jpg
  • 6J0A5873.jpg
  • IMG_6059-copy.jpg
  • NYCHM_LB4327.jpg

#5 Hinds County, MS (#4 Halifax County, NC I haven’t been there lately)

  • 6J0A2962.jpg
  • 6J0A8234.jpg
  • 6J0A5850.jpg
  • 6J0A6903.jpg
  • 6J0A8456.jpg