NYC Half 2013

Got the nod to shoot the NYC Half Marathon again, thankfully it was clear (but FREEZING!), had a great position & freedom to roam 7th Ave. b/t Cen. Pk. and 50th. As is typical, some of the most interesting shots are not of the subjects that I was there for, but on the periphery. Here’s a few of the outs.

  • nychalf13_lb_-82.jpg
  • nychalf13_lb_-668-2.jpg
  • nychalf13_lb_-710.jpg
  • nychalf13_lb_-168.jpg
  • nychalf13_lb_-47.jpg
  • nychalf13_lb_-201.jpg
  • nychalf13_lb_-867.jpg
  • nychalf13_lb_-1115.jpg
  • nychalf13_lb_-881.jpg
  • nychalf13_lb_-837.jpg
  • nychalf13_lb_-668.jpg