I like the window seat. Even after all of the miles that I have flown, I gaze, I find inspiration, relaxation, meditation, energy, solitude...I'm tucked in a corner and I'm curious of my surroundings, even 1000's of feet high. I'm an on location commercial photographer, advertising photographer to be more precise, and I get around.

I try to be one of the first on board (thanks to frequent flying/airline program privileges) because finding my equipment space in the overhead bins is paramount

Ever since I started posting my #seat22a series on IG, I've been asked why 22a? I started grabbing it for basically 2 reasons~ coming in & out of LGA all of the time the city is usually on the left side & that's the money view. 2) There are usually fewer people at the back of the bus and while no doubt I would like to be one of the first off, in reality, all I would be doing is waiting in baggage claim anyway.