Sunday at Verna’s

As some of you may recall I used to live and had my studio & office in a great old Harlem brownstone that we bought in the late 90’s. It was one of the richest experiences ever, and the life long friends that I made on just that one block on 122nd St. are amazing and endure.

This past Sunday, with Joanna & Rose we spent the day with my NYC family:) Verna is a super special woman from Guyana with an awesome family. Look up Grandmother in the dictionary and you ought’a see a photo of her….and she’s a grandmother to about 60+ kids, she has some experience!

On Sunday she had a few family members over, and I do mean a few, this doesn’t begin to capture her legacy! Each family member, from young to old, as nice as the next! Always a great time to hang at Verna’s house! That’s the quick back story to these photos, I hope that you like them!

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