Immigrant from Iraq

Workbook Spread Fall 2018

The Fall 2018 Workbook is out! I. Am. Somebody. This image is from a series of portraits that I've been working on for over a year. It's a personal project focusing on immigrants from the 7 countries on the 2017 travel ban list. My goal is to put a face to the countries. Before we go there, this isn't about politics. It's about people. Humanity. Cultures. Sacrifice. Everyone that has been in front of my glass have been awesome, hospitable, insist on feeding me the most delicious food from their homeland, they want to talk, ask me about me and love this country. I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, however, its been a really cool & grounding experience. Currently, the project is still in the works. Sometimes the hardest part is when to say when, we're getting there though. The gentleman featured in this image was a commercial pilot in Iraq.

@dannyhommes on the retouching + production @kathyreps + @gorblatt @novacolor.stl as well as fine tuning, color management & print production + @chrisatonce was oh let’s just say was invaluable!

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