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"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ― Mahatma Gandhi

I hope that you enjoy these images from my recent trip to Zimbabwe. They were made on a water safari on Lake Kariba and then we went on a land safari in Hwange National Park. I have mad respect for wildlife photographers! Without further adieu....


To see far is one thing: going there is another. - Constantin Brancusi

I suck at vacations, I just do, I've tried. Plop me at a resort, I'm going to feel caged and will break free to find life on the other side of the fence. I'm a traveler at heart. I like the unknown, the unexpected, to be out of my comfort zone and meet people that are different. I love different cultures, nothing is better than getting lost. And finding something new.

I made the following images within a remote fishing village on Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe. It took about 20 hours to get from DC to Cape Town-> flew 3 more hours to Victoria Falls-> transferred into 2 small #bushplanes for about an hour and landed on dirt runways. Before the planes touched down we circled to scare away the impalas & other animals off the runway. Once we landed, half of us got into a boat for a rough & wet 30 min. ride to our island camp and the other half drove 50 min. overland through the bush and then took...


Photos out of a few of my hotel (and overnight plane) window's. The challenge, one shot, one image only...but you knew that;)

 John McEnroe.jpg

Portraits of John McEnroe & Mark Philippoussis. I got to hit with these two legends before I made these images, how cool is that?! #youcannotbeserious Retouching by @dannyhommes

Immigrant from Iraq

The Fall 2018 Workbook is out! I. Am. Somebody. This image is from a series of portraits that I've been working on for over a year. It's a personal project focusing on immigrants from the 7 countries on the 2017 travel ban list. My goal is to put a face to the countries. Before we go there, this isn't about politics. It's about people. Humanity. Cultures. Sacrifice. Everyone that has been in front of my glass have been awesome, hospitable, insist on feeding me the most delicious food from their homeland, they want to talk, ask me about me and love this country. I didn't really know what I was getting myself into, however, its been a really cool & grounding experience. Currently, the project is still in the works. Sometimes the hardest part is when to say when, we're getting there though. The gentleman featured in this image was a commercial pilot in Iraq.

@dannyhommes on the retouching + production @kathyreps + @gorblatt @novacolor.stl...

Portrait of a Woman From Columbia

Portraits of Immigrants for around the world at Festival of Nations


I had a shoot in Kenya recently and one of the locations was at a rural secondary school near the equator. Some of the kids were studying for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam. It's an intense examination. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students take the exam after four years of the Secondary School Course and this examination is a major determinant of the individual's future career. A good grade guarantees the student a place in one of the public or private universities in Kenya. Students who attain a LOWER mark than C+ join other tertiary institutions for non-degree courses. It's a make or break exam. I made a series of portraits and asked them all to write about their feelings in the midst of this pivotal time. Great kids!

Woman Running the NYC Half Marathon

This was a new course for the NYC Half. I was assigned Chinatown. Although it's a great location to shoot, I was chasing light all morning. It was bright & sunny, clean cold air which made things pretty contrasty. Where the sun didn't shine, the shadows were deep & dark. I was looking for slivers of streaking light that crossed the street or even light that bounced around from building to building to the street/runners. To play that game you have mere minutes to make an image. And then find the next lit area.

Want to run a marathon? Here's a great guide by Jacky Anderson on marathon training that's packed with practical tips & advice and this, it's FREE! To view it, click--> here

Red Rose

The red rose symbolizes courage, respect & prosperity. In the Tarot the rose is considered a symbol of balance and expresses new beginnings, promise & hope and its thorns stand for protection, loss, thoughtlessness, physicality. During the renaissance a rose with 8 petals was a message of rebirth & renewal. In alchemical texts a rose with 7 petals was a symbol of inclusion, universal understanding and order. There are150 species of roses and thousands of hybrids in a variety of shapes & colors. Rose petals can be eaten, such as in salads or desserts. I made this image last November while in France shooting a story on absinthe. I found the right rose, light & angle and laid my arse down on the wet grass just waiting for the wind to settle. I noticed at least 3 tourists taking my picture whilst I was horizontal. I struck a pose. Ah the elegance of what I do;) This was my last full day in Paris in which I hoofed 17.21 miles. How can I not mention that feat:) Last...

A High Water Pour Over Absinthe

The history of absinthe is a long & mysterious one. Hallucinations, craziness, murders, diabolical shit, it was outlawed in the US, as well as in France & Switzerland until the 2000's. The first drink was made for medicinal purposes. In the late 1800's Parisian artists, poets, writers and others with little or no money, loved it! It was cheaper than wine. High society folk loathed it. Absinthe is shrouded in legend, urban myth, foggy details, green fairies, rituals, etcetera. Who wouldn't want to dive deeper into this, right? Well, as it turns out, most people wouldn't.

I have a passion for passion projects; self-assigned shoots on subjects that get me hot & bothered and this was the perfect subject matter ... travel, mystery, food, drink & multiple hurdles. It was also risky, both in terms of time commitments & ROI.

When I started my research I was amazed at how few decent and compelling images & video exist of absinthe plants, distilleries,...


Nothing has changed: as in the past, I allow myself one photo out of my window from every hotel that I stay in. Here's the partial list from 2017 -> insert drum roll here.


...they're the best! This is my second year shooting this piece for my good friend Steve Hartman & his On The Road segment (every Friday on CBS Evening News, The Sunday Morning Show & all over the internets, watch it!) Steve is one of the best story tellers & editors in the universe(s), he's amazing...but I'd never tell him that!:) He's a genius at tugging on heart strings.

Along with his cameraman, Bob Caccamise who's the best in the biz, I mean look at his form a few pics down it's impeccable, it's a 10 lol and über producer Katie Brennan, they bring us stories that I think most Americans want to see.

Then there's Secret Santa's, he's the reason that we were in TX. His generosity and devotion is unmatched, he's an incredible human. When he, the law enforcement that he enlists or his elves hand out money, well, it's pretty special, hopefully my images catch some of those special moments & micro expressions.

These shoots are different from my...


Happy Hollidays! I've been sitting on this image for 9 whole months LOL...If this doesn't put you in the holiday spirit, well then you're screwed;) This is the masterful blues musician Pat Thomas, one of my all time favorites in the delta. When I made this image of him it was mid March. I'm an advertising photographer and was on a project nearby so I decided to pop in at his apartment in Leland unannounced. it was about 10:30a and when the door swung open, this was his look~ the hat, the shirt, the #bud & smoking a #marb red, he was all color coordinated & in the holiday spirit;) He's such a character and a good man & a dream subject for a lifestyle photographer / on location photographer, especially while on my own i.e. no hair & makeup, assistant etc.!

United Way Print Ad, Heroin

Always an honor to shoot for the United Way especially as a commercial photographer in St. Louis, my hometown. We had a great production and video from #OnceFilms & great client, thanks Mark! On the first shoot day it rained like crazy, which allowed me to put my Canon bodies (Mark 3's) to the test, the seals sealed:) As an on location commercial photographer I never leave without having 3-4 cameras & a bag full of glass. Rent them if you have to, cover your butt out there folks, you never know!


Portraits of diversity is my global study of the beauty of differences. In all of us. Portraits of folks from Chile, W. Africa, Polynesia, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, India, Columbia, Japan, Greece, Ireland and other countries. As a commercial photographer St. Louis & New York City and a travelholic...I'm a lifestyle photographer junkie. All lifestyles: )


Photos of the solar eclipse 2017 in the totality zone of Pacific, MO.

I have to confess that I didn't think much about shooting the actual eclipse yesterday. However, I was very interested in people watching the eclipse. To me that's where the action was, I'm a lifestyle photographer, what can I say?:)

At the last minute, however, I decided to dig out an out dated original EOS 5D that I was willing to sacrifice. I tapped an old 70-20 2.8 lens and twisted on a polarizer, stacked on a UV and then taped an ND & a burnt orange gel on top of the lens. I caked on everything except a solar filter!

Who knew how many images I could make before the old EOS melted down? Maybe 1, maybe more? It turns out I made a ton of images and the body seems to be working just fine...whilst sitting in the closet waiting for the next sacrificial project.

To me one of the most miraculous elements from the eclipse was the quality of light. Slowly and fleeting. The...


I like the window seat. Even after all of the miles that I have flown, I gaze, I find inspiration, relaxation, meditation, energy, solitude...I'm tucked in a corner and I'm curious of my surroundings, even 1000's of feet high. I'm an on location commercial photographer, advertising photographer to be more precise, and I get around.

I try to be one of the first on board (thanks to frequent flying/airline program privileges) because finding my equipment space in the overhead bins is paramount

Ever since I started posting my #seat22a series on IG, I've been asked why 22a? I started grabbing it for basically 2 reasons~ coming in & out of LGA all of the time the city is usually on the left side & that's the money view. 2) There are usually fewer people at the back of the bus and while no doubt I would like to be one of the first off, in reality, all I would be doing is waiting in baggage claim anyway.


Excited to announce that "my" USPS Forever stamp was officially introduced last Fri. 3/31/2017 at the Bicentennial celebration for Mississippi. #MS200 #visitMS #USPS Check out the short vid....


  • Client: St. Anthony's Medical Center
  • Project: Ad Campaign

A stills/motion piggyback shoot for St. Anthony's Medical Center, we were hired to help make their vision come to life. Shooting at 6 locations over 2 days, it was a fast-paced shoot indeed. But, great chemistry on-set and a finely tuned production crew were key in making this shoot as smooth as possible!

As a certain kind of lifestyle photographer I chose to shoot this in a style tailored for an authentic look & feel, to help define the St. Anthony's brand and have consistency with the motion. The still images are currently being used in various media, i.e. billboards, ads, web/social.

One of the challenges that I faced during the tech scout was shooting in a ice hockey rink after coming in from a warm & humid day & having the glass fog up. We only had the ice for a specific amount of time, therefore the gear had to be acclimated and ready to go. So we...

Sheraton Airport #532 Tampa

You know the drill, every hotel that I stay in I take one photo out of the window. That's the challenge....the things I do for fun! So as not to overwhelm, here's but a few from 2016.