2018 NYC Half Marathon

This was a new course for the NYC Half. I was assigned Chinatown. Although it's a great location to shoot, I was chasing light all morning. It was bright & sunny, clean cold air which made things pretty contrasty. Where the sun didn't shine, the shadows were deep & dark. I was looking for slivers of streaking light that crossed the street or even light that bounced around from building to building to the street/runners. To play that game you have mere minutes to make an image. And then find the next lit area.

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Woman Running the NYC Half Marathon

2018 NYC Half Marathon

As an advertising photographer, I don't get to spend much time shooting projects like this, but when I do, I cherish it. On location photographer life:)

  • Breakfast Before the Marathon
  • A volunteer at the  NYC Half Marathon
  • A wheeler NYC Half Marathon in Chinatown
  • A Wheeler  NYC Half Marathon
  • Water Station Volunteers
  • Pro Runners in Chinatown
  • Volunteers at the NYC Half Marathon.
  • Pro Runner NYC Half Marathon
  • NYC Half Marathon Medical Staff
  • Man Running NYC Half Marathon in Chinatown.
  • High Fives During the NYC Half Marathon in Chinatown.
  • Wide shot of NYC Half Marathon in Chinatown.
  • Wide shot from behind of the NYC Half Marathon in Chinatown.
  • Spectator Poop Sign
  • Shirtless Runner
  • Vaseline
  • Man Running
  • Gatorade Endurance
  • Run Fast I'm Freezing Sign
  • Happy Runner
  • Happy Man Running
  • Man in Costume Running
  • Intense Man Running & Pointing
  • Man Running With Arms Crossed
  • Smiling Police
  • Should I call An Uber Sign 4U? Sign