Refreshed Web Site & Other News

Nothing quite matches the buzz of a newly refreshed web site, never really EVER finished, but at least this phase is wrapped. Personally I think that the coolest part of this refresh are the scaling photos….if you like’em big, now you can scale them to the size of your screen. There’s also a lot of new photos lurking around within

We also have new blog & vid pages, new galleries & a few other odds & ends, including sites made specifically for your phones & pads. All good stuff we think. But let us know what you think, we have a good habit of listening:) User experience is key. Our goal is to create a simple, smooth & clean design.

I wish that I could share other cool happenings around here but Client NDA’s prevent us from discussing. That’s all cool, we’ll be able to push that info out eventually.

In other news, in addition to the other social buttons below, you can now follow me on your tele on Instagram, and expect at least an image a day….……I’m at @loubopp

Huge power thanks to the all of the peopes at Spoke, you guys rock, and to my good friend and SEO & social media expert Bryan Simkins and to the support team at, all my new bff! It’s all about collaboration & community, felt it going on here. Rock.

Thanks for the visit,