Productions During a Pandemic

COVID-19. Zooms. Antigen. Rapid tests, respirators, surgical masks, 6 feet, N95, droplets, quarantine, hot states, sanitizer, false negatives, social distance, face shields, 3-layered H13 HEPA Filter, asymptomatic, CCO (COVID Compliance Officer), microns etc….all words that I never thought would enter my lexicon as a photographer/director, and for every project from now on.

Then you add on to the aforementioned terms with words such as liability, legality, insurance and well, you get the picture. Projects take on a whole new responsibility, and life. It’s the new world order. We HAVE to adapt, just like in all other areas of our lives.

The good news is that productions can be safe, the guidelines are in place. For my projects, it’s a priority. On this production we’re working all around NYC for a major brand. A lot of talent, kids, a dog & a cat, interior & exterior locations. It’s only a success because of the people on set. From the client to the producer and crew. They. Are. The. Best!

Clients & creative not only viewed images remotely in our MoHo base camp, some folks were also hundreds of miles away. The solution for remote viewing, whether I was tethered or not (we did both) worked flawlessly.

Prior to “Day 1” we commandeered a lab in midtown just for this production and ran 30+ people through it for a rapid test, or as they say, bd verity system for rapid detection of sarscov2. 15 min. after being swabbed, no positives👏🏽👏🏽

There’s obviously a lot more to this, many more layers, if you’re interested in hearing more, or how these new measures affect costs etc. hit me up! The bottom line is that we can make images safely in this new environment. Thanks for reading!