The Everglades

I love mountains, high dessert, lakes etc. but the #Everglades is still my jam! I was in FL this week to work on an intense project, one that I've been sporadically working on for about 2 years. At some point I look forward to sharing the details. After I wrapped, I picked up some rations and headed to the glades. Such an amazing & cool ecosystem. Spanning two million acres across central & south #Florida, it's basically a wide river of grass. When Lake Okeechobee in central FLA overflows, it spills water to its south into a super slow moving, shallow river. The animals are amazing, never know what you will see. If I should ever decide to check out, you just may be able to find me here in the #backcountry, waste deep brackish water, behind my tripod, attempting to channel my inner Clyde Butcher LOL.

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Florida Everglades

The Everglades are one of the greatest eco systems the world, love it there!