US Mexico Border

Rose & I spent part of the day on Sat. and drove to the San Diego - Tijuana border, as far southwest as one can go, near the beach. We went to a really interesting place, called Friendship Circle.

It's unique in that Friendship Circle is located within the Border Patrol’s enforcement zone at the U.S.-Mexico border. The US Border Patrol allows public access to The Circle for a couple of hours every Sat. & Sun.

Which means that after you cross the first US border fence, you can walk right up to the S fence and visit with those on the other side through a tightly weaved, fortified metal barrier.

We saw quite a few family visiting one another; a mother with a baby visiting her husband, two brother's who meet there at the same time every week, a priest who's a regular, to name a few.

The metal weaved fence was so dense that you can barely see the other person, not to mention touch or pass anything through, which are both prohibited. We saw quite a few "pinky kisses", however.

We also had the opportunity to chat with a US Border Patrolman for about ~45+ min. The stories were incredible, he spoke with empathy & compassion.

After that we spoke to a few people through the fence who were waiting for family to arrive and wanted to practice their English. Again, more incredible stories of heroism, desperation, pain, love, hope.

Ten people at a time can visit on the US side during the four designated weekend hours. On the Mexico side it's wide open to the public 24/7, brightly colored and teeming with life. .

As a parent, even though it was just a sliver of border life, it was sobering and important that I share this with her. Forget sea world...

Everything that I read online said that you had to hike the last 1+ mile to reach the park, however, they have since opened the road to vehicles. .

You're not allowed to take pictures there, but you know...

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Border Life

Images of Friendship Park and the southwest corner of America. Lifestyle photographer captures the vibe there.