Outtakes from the 2011 NYC Marathon

For the last few years I’ve shot the NYC Marathon, and every year I get assigned a new assignment. My Marathon shoots are often not about the elite runners or even winning & losing, it’s more about the human experience, emotion of the 47,000 participants, volunteers, behind the scenes etc.

This year I was assigned to a very cool location about 100 yards BEHIND the Finish Line; the Medal Station. After 26.2, the runners hit the finish line with a heart pumping leg burning body heaving punch of finality, and then they start the cool down, reality sets in, they walk to gather their medal…and themselves. Unless they can’t make it that far. I was there from 8am-8pm and shot everyone from the elite athletes, to the stragglers who finally crossed the blue line 12 hours later. The later it got, the more pride was felt.

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