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Lou Bopp heads to Jamaica

Lou Bopp recently started working with a new client documenting Rohan Marley’s (yes, as in Bob Marley’s son) coffee plantation in Jamaica. I love coffee and had no idea what kind of hard work went into the process. Lou’s images are stunning and the passion they have for coffee is truly inspiring, and it’s great coffee!.

Lou’s thoughts….

What was the inspiration while shooting this project?

My curiosity. It tends to always lead the way. Sometimes it’s nothing but trouble, but I trust it lol! This project was great, and an awesome brand to connect with. I was psyched to learn more about coffee, the origin of a bean and follow the process every step of the way. Caffeine rules the world, it’s the most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Remove caffeine from our world for a day, globally, and think about the ramifications. My guess is that the world would be a lot less happy & productive in that one day…..wars, crimes etc. Ha, coffee keeps the peace!

Personally, I love coffee, especially Marley Coffee, but I’m not an everyday drinker, at least I try not to be. However, I know folks that are, and if they were to abstain for a day, well, just give me notice so I can get lost!

Did you have any idea what went into the process of coffee making?

I really didn’t. I don’t think most people know the process, and coffee is more popular now than ever. Exports alone, worldwide is a $20 B+ business. People can’t live without there morning caffeine. That’s pretty intriguing to me.

Was Rohan Marley what you expected him to be?

I tried not to have expectations. I like meeting my subjects, whether public figures or not, with an open mind. I always do my homework, lot’s of it. However, Rohan Marley is an amazing guy! He couldn’t have been a better subject & person, his smile can literally light up the room!

Any surprises while shooting?

I’m always surprised, that’s part of the fun, the unknown. It’s pretty incredible how many steps that a coffee bean will go through before being brewed into your cup. And with Marley coffee at least, it was intriguing to see the steps behind the roasting process and literally choosing the perfect beans, by hand, that ultimately make the cut. It’s a labor of love at Marley Coffee. Marley Coffee is Jamaican Blue Coffee, USDA + OCIA Certified organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Swiss Water Processed regarding their decaf, Kosher Certified and they give back to the community and now they have recyclable singe serve K cups, really impressive and an altruistic brand.

What do you like most about working on photography projects with people and new places?

I like to follow my interests and pull the veil back on subjects and hopefully educate myself and the viewer. Making images, whether stills or motion is my passion. Clients like this are certainly one of the perks of being an on location photographer and advertising photographer. Below are few of the photo’s, view more at my Marley Coffee gallery, click here.

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