The Condom Machine

Ladies, I have no idea if you know this or not but hanging on the walls inside many of men’s lavatories in gnarly gas stations & convenience stores throughout America are ugly beat metal boxes with locks the size of fists. They sell items like Rugged ‘n’ Ready, Horney Goat Weed, Tingler Ring, Treasure Chest, Rough Riders, Evening Magic, Hugger and so many others that share romantic themes such as the aforementioned. They are condom dispensers.

I started shooting the condom dispenser around 2007. More than once I have forgotten to turn the iPhone to silent mode. Thankfully however, fellow occupants are usually in no position to give chase. One does not want to get caught taking photo’s in a public restroom! It is the arm pit of highway travel.

I’ve been serendipitously shooting condom machine’s exclusively with various iterations of the iPhone. Here are a few photo’s for your viewing pleasure.

  • IMG_7572.jpg
  • IMG_7804.jpg
  • IMG_6130.jpg
  • IMG_5561.jpg
  • IMG_5118.jpg
  • IMG_3522.jpg
  • IMG_5564.jpg
  • IMG_7557-Version-2.jpg
  • IMG_8391.jpg
  • IMG_4173.jpg
  • IMG_1338.jpg
  • IMG_1097.jpg