New Director Reel

Well this is looong overdue, high time to give a little love'n to my new director's reel. Huge thanks to rukus post, Director of Photography Jon Michael Ryan, Jeff Brierly, my über agents Kathy McGuire-Mullins & K2 Creative. #letsmakemotion

It's all about the croissant:

Creating fresh work and sharing it with prospective clients is vital. Curating said work is not the easiest, I would much rather be shooting. However, I work with awesome people and having others to bat around ideas with, from the perspective of great editors, makes a world of difference. Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, The field cannot be seen from within the field.

When it comes to my directorial approach, whether I'm working off a creative brief, a board or run & gun, I'm always on the lookout for serendipitous moments. As I'm often hired to shoot both motion & stills, I direct in a manner that compliments one another. The train of thought and overall conceptual vision are about the same. However, the implementation is a whole other ballgame. Screw it up and you risk you loosing the brand message and the project becomes discombobulated. Finding the right DP is paramount & pivotal. Same with producers, location managers etceteras even the catering because at the end of the day no matter how great the final piece is, the client may only remember a stale croissant. Great productions are key.

In this reel you'll see projects from Hershey Chocolate, The Aalsmeer Flower Auction in Holland which is the busiest floral market in the world, Mississippi Tourism, a disaster mitigation firm, CSpire, a telecommunications firm, a company called USG that probably made the ceiling tile that you're sitting under, Traders Point Creamery, FM Global, a huge solar farm on the Mexico border and more. I hope that you enjoy!