I think I’ll lighten the mood with this post, compared to that last one. This is about Green Penguins. The #21cMuseumHotels are a great place, mini museums, I love what Curator Alice Stites has done with their collection.

I roll through a lot of hotels every year. Hotels, generally speaking, are pushing the boundaries which is nice to witness. When I can help it and the budget allows, I choose hotels relatively the same way that I choose restaurants. I prefer not staying at chains and I look for something unique & notable. Clients also appreciate that extra attention to detail as well.

It was awesome to see this art installation & these Green Penguins, created by #crackingart, placed throughout the 21C property in Bentonville, AR. They migrate all over the property, you never know where (or why:) they’ll appear; in elevators, hallways, roofs, rooms, lobby etc. And all for a great cause, well really 2 great causes, art + environmental awareness.

You can read more about their mission at http://www.21cmuseumhotels.com/bentonville/museum/exhibits/green-penguin/

Standing ovation to the 21C Museum Hotel, Cracking Art Group out of Italy and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art located just down the path from the hotel.

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