My brief encounter with Pete Seeger

RIP Pete Seeger. I had a pretty cool interaction with Pete Seeger in 2001. For about 5 years we owned & lived in a beautiful old brownstone in Harlem on 122nd b/t Douglas & Powell. It was an awesome street, beautiful homes & great neighbors, most of which I don’t see as much as I would like, but I still consider some to be life long close friends.

There was a community garden across the street from our house. But for years it was in the cross hairs for development. Neighbors constantly rallied and did everything possible to save that garden. It was beautiful, a little sliver a nature, over grown yet managed. You could walk through the chain link fence and everything changed, it was a special place, peaceful amidst the city.

I have had the good fortune to meet and shoot a lot of famous & notable people but what made this meeting with Pete so special was that it had nothing to do with work.

I take no credit for this, I give it All to those on 122nd St. who actively worked on saving the garden, it was a full time job for some. Someone had a connection to Pete Seeger, and lo & behold he agreed to play a fund raiser for the garden and for the community. On June 30th 2001 he did just that, he played a beautiful long set IN that garden. Rich memories…….

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