Solar Eclipse 2017

Photos of the solar eclipse 2017 in the totality zone of Pacific, MO.

I have to confess that I didn't think much about shooting the actual eclipse yesterday. However, I was very interested in people watching the eclipse. To me that's where the action was, I'm a lifestyle photographer, what can I say?:)

At the last minute, however, I decided to dig out an out dated original EOS 5D that I was willing to sacrifice. I tapped an old 70-20 2.8 lens and twisted on a polarizer, stacked on a UV and then taped an ND & a burnt orange gel on top of the lens. I caked on everything except a solar filter!

Who knew how many images I could make before the old EOS melted down? Maybe 1, maybe more? It turns out I made a ton of images and the body seems to be working just fine...whilst sitting in the closet waiting for the next sacrificial project.

To me one of the most miraculous elements from the eclipse was the quality of light. Slowly and fleeting. The yellows and blues were unlike any that I've seen. There was a point where the world looked like a deep sepia toned print. But waaaay better, probably because I was part of the print! The colors were thick & rich, I felt like I could reach out & touch them, they had a tactical-like feel, even though there was nothing to touch. As an lifestyle & advertising photographer I would love to re create this light for an applicable use!

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