Missouri Fairs

One summer, one state, 17 fairs, 1,600 miles.

Girl In a Fancy Cowboy Hat
Motorcycle Performing a Stunt Sky High
Girl With Alligator On Her Head
Sno Cone Stand With Grey Overcast Sky
Man Kissing a Baby Aligator
Man At a Fair Wearing "Just A Kid From Missouri" T-Shirt
Girl On Shoulders Surrounded By Bubbles
Two Girls Eating Snow Cones
Man With His Head in a Pie
Lamb Mutton Busting Racing at a Rodeo
A young Girl Exhibiting Her Cow
Boy Exhibiting His Cow
Man Dressed in Red White & Blue Holding an Alligator
A Pig Being Chased By Kids In a Greased Pig Contest
A Carnival Game Employee Looking at the Camera
Girl With Beautiful Face Paint
Fried Funnel Cake
Two Girls Competing In a Ice Cream Eating Contest
Boy Competing In a Ice Cream Eating Contest
Girl With Crown Competing In a Pie Eating Contest
Newly Appointed King of a Fair
Portrait of a King of Hearts Tattoo on the Back of a Shirtless Man
Bullrider Getting Psyched for a Ride
Tight Closeup of a Cowboy Boot On a Fence
Bullrider Out Of the Gate
Cowboy Sitting On a Fence at Night Under the Moon
Bull Riders Praying Before a Bull Riding Competition
Environmental photo of a Rodeo Clown
Boy Preparing For  Rodeo Applying Face Paint
Man Sitting on His Car at a Demolition Derby
Back Stage At  a Rodeo
Woman Sitting on a Car at a Demolition Derby
Selection of Condiments
Boy With Chicken Wing Sauce On His Face After Eating Contest
Head Shot of Man Smiling Dressed In Red White & Blue Colors
Pig At a Swine Competition
Red White & Blue Cowboy Boots
Photo of a Empty Corn Dog Stand at the End of the Night