Personal: On-location commercial photographer capturing authentic imagery depicting lifestyle, work and industrial scenes for corporate and agency clients.

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Mississippi Tourism

This was a shoot for stills & motion for a lifestyle photographer and a advertising photographer

Rohan Marley Smoking

Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee Brand shoot in Jamaica by commercial photographer St. Louis

Portrait Inside the Absinthe Bar Le Fee Verte in Paris

French Absinthe

A deep exploration into the world of absinthe alone the French & Swiss border. Many distilleries that still use worm wood.



Sicilia was a family vaca but as a lifestyle photographer & advertising photographer I was always shooting.

Girl In a Fancy Cowboy Hat

Missouri Fairs

MO Fairs was a personal project. As an advertising photographer & location photographer it was in my wheelhouse.


Route 66

One of the best roads ever, especially for an on location photographer!


Africa Rose

A sample of photos made by commercial photographer Lou Bopp. Safari's, life & culture in the countries of Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe.


Mau Tilya Tea Farm

Photos on the plantation of the distinguished Mau Tilya Tea Farm. Located near the equator in Kenya. Photographed by Lou Bop, an advertising photographer and industrial photographer



Photos inside the largest urban slum in Africa. Beauty and texture rule. Located in Nairobi. On location photographer Lou Bopp