French Absinthe

An advertising photographer trip through France documenting absinthe

Portrait Inside the Absinthe Bar Le Fee Verte in Paris
Old Absinthe Label & Glass Tubes
Bartender With a Fountain Pouring Absinthe
Tight Shot of Water Dripping into a Glass of Absinthe
Photo of a Funny Man Smoking
A Collection of Absinthe Fountains
Man Being Served Absinthe X2
Absinthe Plant In a Pan
Owner of Distillery Armand Guy
Old Absinthe Bottles, Labels and a Spoon
Old Absinthe Family Recipe
Absinthe Bottle In the Woods Môtiers, Switzerland
Tight Photo of a Man Holding Part of an Absinthe Plant
Absinthe Flowing into a Wooden Barrel
Pierre Guy Inside a Barn Full of Drying Absinthe Plants
Photo of a Happy Man
An Old Wooden Sign at Distillery Armand GUY
Emptying a Large Copper Distill
Absinthe Plant Drying
Pierre Guy At Work In His Distillery
Old Copper Distillery at Distillery Armand GUY
Photo of the Gates of Pontarlier, France
Artis Painting Drinking Absinthe
Absinthe Being Poured Into a Glass
Pierre Guy Holding an Absinthe Plant
Man Walking In Snow To a Tiny Church
Man Standing Next to an Old Taxi
A Leafless Tree Along Side a Road
Man Holding an Old Card Relating to Absinthe

Absinthe on location photographer

Distillery Armand GUY: Absinthe.