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Lab in the Water
Dog Jumping into the Pool
Pierre in the Pool
Water Dog
Dog Running at the Camera
Bulldog on a Golf Course
Playing Dogs
Armful of Kittens
A Girl with her Puppy
Dog Portrait
Doggy Paddle
German Shepard Jumping into the Pool
Dog Going Me the Eyeball
Water Shake
Dog in Air
Dog Running Near a Lake
Stretching for the Ball
Mastiff  PlayingTug of War
Water Exercise
The Face of PawFriction
PawFriction Preparation
PawFriction Application
PawFriction Paw
Bully at a Football Game
A French Bulldog Puppy
Mastiff in the Sun
A French Bulldog with a Stick
Mastiff with a Large Stick
A Girl & Her Dog Going for a Walk


An on-location commercial photography gallery depicting work and industrial situations within various industries including transportation, energy, cargo, manufacturing, production and skilled trades.