United Way print, outdoor & online campaign

United Way campaign photography for advertising and collateral campaign. On location commercial photographer.

Environmental Portrait of a Woman in Vacant Building
Dramatic Portrait of a Man In an Urban Environment
Wide Angle of Woman in Vacant Building
Portrait of Man in Urban Location
Woman In a Assisted Living Facility
Parents Walking With Their Child Photographed From Behind
Sisters With Umbrellas Smiling
Girl With Purple Umbrella
Two Young Girls Hugging in School
Girls Walking in School Hallway
Photo of a back of a Man Crossing the Street
Blind Senior Citizen Sitting on a Bench
Man Reading Braille, Hands Only
Blind Senior Citizen Trying to Cross the Street
Photo of Man Smiling Looking into Camera
Family Photo At Home
Man Holding Daughter Up In the Air Smiling and Playing
United Way Advertisement, Families
United Way Print Ad, Heroin
United Way Advertisement, Independence
United Way Print Ad Dreams

United Way

United Way: advertising, online and collateral campaign.