Commissioned: On-location commercial photographer capturing authentic imagery depicting lifestyle, work and industrial scenes for corporate and agency clients.


Boy Scouts

Big lifestyle photographer shoot in Missouri

Rohan Marley Smoking

Marley Coffee

Marley Coffee Brand shoot by commercial photographer St. Louis

Sisters With Umbrellas Smiling

United Way

Commercial photographer St. Louis shoot for United Way campaign's

Portrait of a Fireman

Emergency Response Consultants

An industrial photographer was needed for this shoot in Georgia.

Southwest Airline Baggage Handler

STL International Airport

The agency needed a commercial photographer St. Louis

Man Holding Chicken Against Red Backdrop

United Egg Producers

This was a shoot for an on location photographer that traveled light, and an industrial photographer.

Mn Holding a Glass of Beer toward the Camera

Mississippi Tourism

This was a shoot for stills & motion for a lifestyle photographer and a advertising photographer

Farmer Standing Holding a Pitch Fork

Traders Point Creamery

They had a need for an on location photographer in Indiana, down on the farm.


Blues Musicians

One of my favorite projects ever for a on location photographer, lots of culture!


WellBeing NA Beer

Commercial photographer St. Louis shoot for their campaign


Solar Farm

This was a perfect shoot for an industrial photographer. I've never been so hot!

FedEx Plane Landing

Air Cargo Transportation

Photos for an air cargo transportation company. Great project for an industrial photographer on location photographer, love aviation!

Portrait of a Woman Holding a Tambourine

International Institute

I shot portraits of folks from many cultures as a lifestyle photographer. Advertising photographer