"What's in your bag?"

.....I get that question a lot. So folks, here you go, I've exploded 3 of my bags below for your eyes only. These are the bags that I carry everywhere whilst on a project, whether I'm shooting stills or directing motion....yes, I still lug around the stills gear for directing, it can be beneficial.

All 3 bags below are pretty straightforward, at least in my humble opinion. It's all about backups; camera bodies & hard drives are key and are the foundation of these innards. When I hit a location, depending on the project we'll have a digital tech on set and will use their computer for workflow, and mine will play backup & we'll have other bodies & glass on hand as well. It's all about redundancy.

My hard shell cases, Pelicans & Zero Halliburtons, are entirely other animals, they accompany me, but in the belly of the plane. I'll save those for a later date if at all. I design & pack them on a per project basis, or I rent, which these days is not uncommon.

Without further delay meet the contents of my camera bag, computer bag + toiletry bag and lmk if this is it what you thought you'd find in my bags? Feel free to hit me up directly or via the socials. FYI I've had to turn comments off here because of spam, inundated with it, sigh.

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